Quality Chauffeur Services for Major Events in Australia

As an event organiser, you have to deal with many details and travel arrangements for your guests and partners that can take up a great amount of time and effort. Guests and partners who receive less than satisfactory travel services are prone to view the whole event from a prejudiced point of view. This is why hiring a professional and dedicated chauffeur service to handle all the travel needs for your event is an important factor in ensuring the success of your event. At Luxe Charters, we value the success of our clients in the same way as we value ours. Our car hiring and chauffeur services are one of the most reliable and satisfactory services in Australia. Whether your event is in Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne, our excellent fleet of vehicles and fully trained drivers will take care of all your travel needs. Here is a brief sample of some of our services for major events.

Airport Transport

Our dedicated driver will meet and greet your guests at the airport. They will help them receive their luggage and transport it to the car. All our drivers have local knowledge of the areas in which they operate therefore your guests will be taken to their destination from the best route available. When it is time for your guests to return, our service will collect them from their hotel and ensure they reach the airport in time to catch their flight. Punctuality and safety are the top priorities for our drivers when transporting customers so you can rest assured that your guests will have nothing to complain about.

Transport to and from Dinner/Lunch

Luxe Charters also provides transport services to take your guests to any dinners or lunches you might have scheduled during your event. All travellers will receive the same amount of professional and reliable service whether you hire our luxury limousines or mini-buses.

Transport to and from Customer Desired Locations

It is common for event organisers to arrange sightseeing visits or tours for their guests during major events. Luxe Charters can help you safely and securely take your guests to all the major places in Australia and even help you with creating an itinerary for maximum enjoyment and satisfaction.

Make a Statement with Luxe Charters!

Luxe Charters’ exclusive luxury cars will help you make a statement at your next event. Arrive and leave in style and create a memorable event with our excellent chauffeur services. Please contact us for any questions or a customized quote and we will get back to you immediately!

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