Chauffeur Services for Private Transfers

Do you need to take a trip to another part of town or another city? Forget taxis! Taxis cannot provide the amount of comfort and personalised service that a private chauffeured service can give you. If you are the kind of person who values comfort, ease of mind and a safe travel, then Luxe Charters is for you.

Punctual and Reliable Chauffeur Services

One of the most important reasons for hiring a chauffeured service for private transport is the level of professionalism that you receive. Our drivers are not only smartly dressed, but also value punctuality and reliability in their services. We are proud of our drivers’ attention to detail and their ability to take care of their guests’ every need. As a local resident in the area of his operation, your driver knows the safest and best routes to take in order to get you to your destination on time. Your driver will be available at the pickup location at least 15 minutes prior to the time decided and, after reaching your destination; they will wait for you to safely enter the premises.

The Luxe Experience – Modern and Updated

At Luxe Charters, we understand the needs of the modern and conscientious traveller. Our luxury cars are known for their comfort, modern technology and extremely beautiful maintenance.  As a general policy, we replace all our cars every 2 to 3 years so our clients have access to the latest and most modern of transport services. 

When you hire a Luxe Charters car, you also hire a chauffeur who is trained in customer service, self-grooming and defensive driving. Upon request, we even provide an assistant to receive you or your guests at the airport to ease the transition of arriving in a new country or city. Our guests are provided the opportunity to travel in plush comfort, a weather controlled environment and in-car refreshments and entertainment.

Taking a private trip does not have to be boring and uncomfortable when you have the luxury of hiring a professional chauffeur service like Luxe Charters. We will assure you will not be disappointed!  Please contact us to make a reservation or request a quote and let us drive you around in style and comfort!


Luxe Charters' experienced and friendly team is available 24 hours a day.